Help Jared Woods Meet Lily Allen: The Movie 

Directed by Kris Cook & Jared Woods


Launched: 14 May 10
Written by: Jared Woods & Kris Cook
Filmed by: Kris Cook
Post by: Kris Cook
Sound by: Kris Cook
Starring: Jared Woods; Ammr Khalifa; Ashley Cooper; The Freewheelin' Troubadour; Jonathan Loose van der Velden; Kris Cook; Alfie Smith; Danielle Grimes; Darren Lindsay; Fran Bruce; Jack Shabba; Lauren Fitzgibbon; Leigh Williams; Mariana Conde; Mark Hartley; Nadya Von Stein; Reiko Shimazaki; Roisin Buckle; Rosie Stoward

'After I made the cartoon to meet Lily Allen and Lily Tweeted about it on her Twitter, things got pretty chaotic. A lot of people thought it was hilarious, but I was bombarded with hate mail which made me really question my goal in the first place. To counter this, Kris came through for me and together we made this video. It seriously helped clear up my name and quite a few people even wrote blogs about my mission because of it. To this date the only video to feature all the core members of The Funpowder Plot as well as many other important people involved. I met her in the end, just by the way.' - Jared

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