Nitrous Of The Living Dead 

Directed by Ammr Khalifa


Launched: 15 October 2010
Written by: Ammr Khalifa
Filmed by: Ammr Khalifa
Post by: Ashley Cooper; Ammr Khalifa
Sound by: Ashley Cooper; Ammr Khalifa
Starring: Jared Woods

'The idea came to me after a mutual friends birthday party, where afterwards an inflatable heart shaped balloon was left over at The East village. It wasn't until Jared mentioned that wherever he went ''that damn balloon was there''. Being a fan of the horror genre I began to imagine being stalked by the balloon and instantly my mind went to one of my favorate horror movies of all time 'Evil Dead 2' and it's chase sequence. On the night we shot I was pleased to know that my beautiful assistant Ashley Cooper was just as influenced and keen on the idea, so in the end allot of the creativity behind is also largely thanks to him. Jared was awesome to work with, an instant natural infront of camera, and had it not been for him, the film would never of existed.' - Ammr

'Literally seconds before we shot this short, I remembered I had never acted in my life. To counter this, I drank a bunch of beer. The chase scene was extremely tiring, and I hated the original footage, but Ammr really worked his magic and it is by far the most stand-out part of the whole thing. I also managed to knock over a glass of water all over a bunch of Jon's important documents in his room. He didn't seem to phased. Probably my favourite project to this point.' - Jared

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